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Welcome! Discount Car Stereo

Discount Car Stereo is one of the most experienced and respected mobile electronics/Car Audio Stores in the Greater Houston Area.  Family owned and operated, our unique approach to enhancing your vehicle has had people returning to our stores for over 10 years!

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Discount Car Stereo not only carries traditional mobile electronic products like CD/mp3 recievers, mobile video recievers, overhead and headrest monitor systems.

GPS navigation systems, amplifiers, subwoofers, enclosures, security systems, window tints, radar detectors, and car accessories.

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Discount Car Stereo have also recently expanded our selection of back up safety systems.

Restyling accessories such as Power Steps, iPhone & iPod integration interfaces, Bluetooth hands free kits and portable GPS devices.

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Discount Car Stereo installers have the experience to ensure your system sounds as good or better in your car as it does in our showroom.

Our certified technicians know how to make the right connections and fine-tune your system for incredible sound.

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We have a great selection CD, MP3 car stereos, in-dash DVD Players and GPS Navigation Systems to choose from.” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”extrabanner_2″] [/span3] [span3] [banner img=”http://discount-carstereo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/alarm.jpg” banner_link=”http://discount-carstereo.com/uncategorized/phasellus-conva/” title=”Car Security You should always have a car alarm” text=”Your car should always have a car alarm, especially if you have an expensive stereo system or GPS navigation system in your car.

Moreover, the security of your car is not something you should take lightly. ” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”extrabanner_2″] [/span3] [span3] [banner img=”http://discount-carstereo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/ipod.jpg” banner_link=”http://discount-carstereo.com/uncategorized/aliquam-erat-volutpat/” title=”iPod and Auxiliary The radio is great” text=”Listening to the radio can be frustrating, especially when all you have is the simple request of listening to music on the way to work.

The radio show hosts talks for what seems like forever, but only plays a song or two.” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”extrabanner_2″] [/span3] [span3] [banner img=”http://discount-carstereo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/speak.jpg” banner_link=”http://discount-carstereo.com/uncategorized/mauris-posuere/” title=”Speakers/Woofers Sub-woofers are a great add on to your vehicle ” text=”Car stereo sub-woofers are what gives your music its depth, its power, its emotion. Car subs give you back the approx 33% of the music a system without car subs is lacking.

You can get car stereo subwoofers in a variety of sizes.” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”extrabanner_2″] [/span3] [/row] [/content_box]